Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tara's crew positions

My crew positions are props and scenic art design.

For props crew we are  in charge of props and moving them, setting them up and designing them. For scenic art design we design and paint structures, bricks etc, in a black and white style of colour. 

So far I have contributed my phone number, email, availability outside of school and my time table. We all gave our contact information to the head crew of the props and art design crew so we can keep up with everything and know when we need to be at school/rehearsal.

The role that I am doing for the scenic art design is the alleyway, 10 foot brick walls and the 12 stone walls.I will be learning how to carve bricks out of styrofoam. 

The plans that I have for moving forward in my crew position is to be there as much as I can possibly be and try my very hardest at painting and trying to make everything perfect for the play. I am going to try to give it my 100% because in my mind if everyone isn’t working together things can get tricky and people get stressed and I think its important to make this experience for everyone a positive one.

I am very excited for doing this crew position because its a really good experience for me and I get to learn new things about drama and being apart of a play. I think we are going to do great because we have some really talented people in our classroom. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Character Priofile Assignment by Tara Bell

Hey guys its Elizabeth Catherine Joyce Carter, my nickname is Libby or as my friends call me lizzy. I am 14 years old, and I was born on September 14th, 1965. I do not believe in religion or political stuff. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes and a medium build, and I am Canadian. 

My fashion sense is very girly I like wearing lots of sparkly jewelry. I like to wear dresses and love to do makeup. I'm the type of person that try's to be positive and have a good mindset. For the most part i'm outgoing but I can get shy at times.On my spare time I like to hangout with friends, go to the movies, and bike around the neighborhood.I work part time at the super market, I got hired last month and I work 4 times a week. I am a cashier and I really like it. 

My favorite T.V show is Laveme and Shirley. My favorite band is AC/DC.My closest friend is Arizona Maria, we have known each other since kindergarten. My biggest inspiration or role model would be my older sister because she is so outgoing and always is following her dreams. My favorite color is pink because I am a girly girl.

My bedroom is basically my personality because it is very pink and sparkly because I like both of those things.I don't have any siblings. I am a clean freak and always keep my room clean. My favorite  possession is my grandma's wedding ring and I keep it in my jewelry box on top of the bathroom cabinet. I read a lot of fashion magazines. My poster I have on my bedroom wall is the rolling stone.
My families economic status is middle class.I have a bicycle and a t.v. My favorite food is a secret recipe and its macaroons. I usually make a sandwich for lunch. My obvious talents are that I am very flexible.My hidden talent is that I can act.My biggest fear is my parents dying.

I usually hangout at the bowling ally. My hobbies are reading and stain glass windows.I practice my arts discipline when I get home after school and I also practice on weekends. I would change my body if I had the chance.

I live with both my mom named Tara and my dad named Chris I also live with my dog named Benny and my cat named Bella.I was born in London,England.My mom does nursing for a living and my dad does building for a living.I live in Barrie Ontario and I have lived here since I was born. I usually take the subway or bus to school but if my mom can drive me than she takes me.At home we don't speak any different languages we just use English. when I was a child I used to have a noticeable accent but I don't right now. My family does not have a spiritual orientation.My family gets along for most of the part, so I don't have any issues at home that are affecting me at school. Yes, I do have the support at home to help me succeed in my school,at P.A and in general.

My Favorite childhood memory is when my parents and I were at the cottage and we all cuddled each other by the fire and said to each other how much we loved one another.
My worst childhood memory is when I was three years old and I woke up to my parents fighting.

My arts major is acting, my academic strengths are gym, art, science, and English. Dance is my favorite class and I hate math. My favorite style of theater is entertainment. My favorite theatrical play would be Matilda. The character that I would love to be is Matilda who the main character. The training I got before P.A  was my drama class and drama classes outside of school. The person who inspired me the most to get into this theater was my mom because she always liked drama and she was really good at it but never persuaded her dream of becoming an actress.

Ok well i'm going to say goodnight guys because I have to eat dinner and than get ready for bed and for school tomorrow  but here is a little bit of information of my life and about me. I'll see you next Sunday. Have a great night.:)