Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tara's crew positions

My crew positions are props and scenic art design.

For props crew we are  in charge of props and moving them, setting them up and designing them. For scenic art design we design and paint structures, bricks etc, in a black and white style of colour. 

So far I have contributed my phone number, email, availability outside of school and my time table. We all gave our contact information to the head crew of the props and art design crew so we can keep up with everything and know when we need to be at school/rehearsal.

The role that I am doing for the scenic art design is the alleyway, 10 foot brick walls and the 12 stone walls.I will be learning how to carve bricks out of styrofoam. 

The plans that I have for moving forward in my crew position is to be there as much as I can possibly be and try my very hardest at painting and trying to make everything perfect for the play. I am going to try to give it my 100% because in my mind if everyone isn’t working together things can get tricky and people get stressed and I think its important to make this experience for everyone a positive one.

I am very excited for doing this crew position because its a really good experience for me and I get to learn new things about drama and being apart of a play. I think we are going to do great because we have some really talented people in our classroom. 

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